Safely Building Tomorrow


Any contractor can promote safety. Any contractor can provide safety equipment. Any contractor can require safety documentation.

Our focus is to establish a culture of safety.

We provide our employees with the tools and advanced training to be their own safety managers. Although a designated Safety Director is still important for any company, the concept of ensuring safe work practices should never fall on the shoulders of a select few within an organization. That’s what we mean by a culture of safety. Every employee is empowered to do what’s necessary to ensure work is being completed in a safe manner at all times, and every employee returns home in the same condition that they arrived in.

  • Full-Day Orientation Process
  • Extensive Training Through GLSTC
  • Monthly Company-Wide Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Inspections & Checklists
  • Daily Tailgate Meetings
  • Daily Jobsite Hazard Analysis
  • Daily CHAT Cards
  • Per Task Assessments